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A bit about our chocolates. 


At Charlotte Brunswick Chocolates, we strive to create exceptional hand – crafted chocolates, using only the highest quality natural ingredients.
We do not use any genetically modified ingredients, nor any artificial colours or hydrogenated vegetable fats. We aim to source our ingredients from Fair Trade suppliers only.
Our chocolate selection contains 100% pure cocoa butter and natural vanilla. Most of our dark chocolate has a 72% cacao value, which is guaranteed to give an intense chocolate taste. We also use a 72% cocoa dark chocolate and 100% cocoa butter, so no other fat is used, only the butter from the cocoa bean. 
All of our nut recipes & marzipans are made using a minimum of 50% nuts. Our chocolates are based on recipes with low sugar values, which help to highlight the intense flavour of each chocolate creation. The quality and high standard of the chocolates we provide is our strength, and we are proud of our 5 star hygiene rating. 
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